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Angular JS Developer

Among various latest technologies, Angular JS is a very popular name. Those who know Angular JS predicts that it is the future and that it will have scope at least for the next couple of years.

Angular JS is not a library like jQuery. It is a maintained and developed by Google as a fresh open source JavaScript framework.

Its main aim is to improve the browser-based applications with MVC (model-view-controller) means; in other words- it is used for designing front end web pages which is easier to test and customize.

There is a fact that Angular JS is managed by committed and highly artistic Google engineers, so that you can not only have an open source community to get trained, but can also have skilled and professional engineers who are tasked and can help you to get answers for your doubt on Angular JS.

Angular JS is complete set of packages for quick front end development services. For developing a front end data driven web application, there is no need for using any other frameworks or plugins. You can find standard features of Angular JS below. You can easily connect with server and get the required data by using only one line of code from Angular JS. It turns a simple JavaScript object as Models by following a pattern called as Model View View-Model (MVVM).

Model View View-Model to the Rescue! By using an object called $scope object, Models communicate and View Model Objects for making changes to the Models. The Views render and deliver these Models which are an HTML and used for expressing your code. $route Provider Object is used to route the Views which enables you to have a deep connection and enables you to organize your controllers and Views, making them a passable URLs. The $scope object can be controlled and initialized by Angular JS as it provides various controllers.

Extends HTML

Now a day's most of the websites are developed using a series of giant tags with only a little semantic clarity .In DOM you have to make a wide and far-reaching CSS classes for expressing the intention of each object. By using Angular you can run your HTML code as XML providing you a nonstop potential possibility for your attributes and tags. These tags and attributes are accomplished by Angular through its HTML compiler and the use of commands to activate behaviors based on the newly-created coding structure you write down.

Makes HTML your Template

If you have used the Hogan.js or Mustache, then you can understand and grasp the Angular's templating engine bracket syntax since, it is only HTML. DOM is traversed by Angular for getting these templates, which houses the information given above. Then the templates are approved and passed as DOM elements to the Angular Compiler which is flexible error free and can be reused. This is the key aspect in Angular because now you can have raw DOM structures rather than using strings which grants permission to extend the DOM tree and allows direct operation.

Enterprise-level Testing

As described in above paragraphs, there is no need of using additional frameworks or plugins which also includes testing. Angular's unit-testing API and scenario runner is very easy to learn and understand if you are experienced with QUnit, Jasmine or Mocha projects. This API and scenario runner guides all the way through executing your tests in as close to the real shape of your production application as likely as possible.

Our Angular JS application developers are not just skilled with core benefits of Angular JS but also have knowledge of manipulating and implementing Angular JS in real applications.

Contact us for more information. Our professional sales team will present you a detailed and customized proposal that explains the definite services needed and exact steps to fulfill your requirements and how we implement this in real applications.

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